Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils
to Enhance Breathwork

Imagine if you could inhale the scent of lavender and almost instantly calm your nerves, or massage a mix of eucalyptus and coconut oils on your chest to breathe easier, or put some pep in your step by inhaling a bit of lemon. 

The use of essential oils to improve health and expedite healing dates back to biblical times. Healers distilled the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and bark of plants with steam or water to create highly-concentrated oils that were then inhaled or applied to the skin through a lotion, cream or oil. 

At The Breath of New Life, we use the highest integrity, therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance the breathwork experience in the following ways.

  • Customized experience. Each individual and each session is unique. We rely on our years of experience in intuitive training to select specific oils to serve your physical, emotional and spiritual needs during each experience. 
  • Targeted healing. Each oil produces specific physiological changes in the body. During one session, you might need peppermint oil to help heal indigestion and during another session, you might benefit from Frankincense or oregano to help move a virus out of the body.  
  • Deeper emotional connection and release. We regularly witness enhanced results in areas such as releasing trauma, elevating mood, and connecting to higher vibrations such as peace or joy.

The Essentials: A Metaphor

Imagine you are working in your garden, pulling weeds and planting new seeds. This goes smoothly if the soil is soft and moist, but it can be a challenge with dry hard soil. When the soil is hard, adding water loosens the soil making it easier to pull weeds and their roots and plant new seeds to grow.

Often we have behavioral patterns, ways of being, and limiting beliefs that are outdated and familiar, and we are afraid to let them go. These are weeds in the hard soil.

The use of specific therapeutic-grade essential oils can “loosen the soil” of our hearts and minds, allowing us to let go more easily (pull the weeds) and opening us to new and positive insights, ideas, and ways of being (planting seeds).

Mary’s Healing Journey with Essential Oils

After suffering sinus infections more than two decades and turning to myriad natural remedies without relief, a friend suggested I try to treat the infections with a high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil that boasted strong antimicrobial, antiviral and immune-boosting properties.  

I was skeptical. I’m science-minded and rely on evidence and research to make health decisions. How could an oil possibly cure something that eluded conventional medicine, I wondered. Still, I agreed to give it a go. 

Within days, the infection was gone.

The experience was so powerful, I had to learn more. When I dug into the research, I discovered that oils don’t just support and heal our bodies on a physical level, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As such, they’re a perfect complement to the work we do at The Breath of New Life.

Not All Oils are Equal

Crafting oils is complicated. Preserving the natural constituents of the oils during the extraction process is critical. Those preservation methods determine the potency and effectiveness of the oil. 

At The Breath of New Life, we use the highest-quality, therapeutic-grade oils available, and the results are impressive. Essential oils consistently amplify the results our clients experience during sessions, helping them release trauma more easily, elevate their mood and even connect more deeply and easily to things like peace and joy.

We use oils during our in-person sessions, but they’re also available for purchase to those of you who work with us remotely. In every case, essential oils seem to deepen and speed healing for our clients.

Your Use of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils At Home 
Using therapeutic-grade essential oils in conjunction with your practice of breathwork and spiritual development can accelerate and amplify your results.

Here are few favorites: 

To release trauma: Release Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blend.

To elevate mood: Frankincense Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil.

To connect with peace: Peace &  Calming II Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blend.

You may access the ordering site for the highest quality therapeutic-grade
essential oils and blends by CLICKing the following landing page LINK:


When you are on the landing page, type the name of the Therapeutic Grade Essential
Oil or Blend into the Search feature in the top right-hand corner.

“The Relief and Renewal Experience”
only at

A multi-modality spa-like experience which has as its foundation the relaxing, detoxing and renewing effects of the revered Raindrop Technique, optimized by the uplifting energy of Reiki and the emotional soothing effects of sound during the raindrop application of therapeutic-grade essential oils, all working together enhancing and elevating your personal relief and renewal.

The Raindrop Technique which utilizes the most effective application of therapeutic-grade essential oils was developed by Gary Young, founder of Young Living.
Young Living is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s premier sources of therapeutic-grade essential oils. In setting the highest achievable standards for sourcing, assessing, measuring, extraction, production and preservation of therapeutic- grade essential oils, Gary Young defined into his company’s purpose to set the world’s highest standards.

The Raindrop Technique is designed to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of your body at the cellular level. It boosts the immune system, brings the body into structural and electrical balance and enables the release of toxins and disease, wherever they may be lodged in your body. Remarkably, this includes toxins that are embedded in your mind and held in your emotions.
The therapeutic-grade essential oils used in The Raindrop Technique work on two (2) levels. They go directly to the limbic region of the brain when inhaled, the storage place for your emotions, and penetrate cellular membranes, going directly to the muscles, tissues and organs throughout your body, stimulating forgotten emotions.
Given our experience with the power of using therapeutic-grade essential oils in
conjunction with breathwork, we know that incorporating this technique and offering, “The Relief and Renewal Experience”, is a perfect complement to the work we do, Live and In-Person here.

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“The Relief and Renewal Experience”
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The Relief and Renewal Experience™
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The Relief and Renewal Experience™
only at

A unique & personal 1-hour multi-modality spa-like experience, available only at The Breath of New Life, that promotes relaxation, detoxification and renewal during the optimized raindrop application of therapeutic-grade essential oils, to enhance and elevate your personal relief and renewal.

Private 1-Hour Session

Scheduled by Personal Appointment

Session Cost: $125.00 US