The Work We Do at The Breath of New Life

is Augmented and Enhanced with

the Power of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Using the world’s highest integrity therapeutic grade Essential Oils is a unique
and uplifting addition to our work in sessions at The Breath Of New Life. History
documents the science and therapeutic use of oils going back thousands of
years, and we follow in these footsteps to enhance the results that each
individual experiences in their sessions. Today, we apply years of experience
intuitively selecting the therapeutic grade essential oils that serve an individual’s
emotional and spiritual needs. We regularly witness enhanced results in areas as
important as releasing trauma, elevating mood, and connecting to higher
vibrations such as peace or joy.

Mary O’Dwyer speaks on the naturally powerful role of essential oils:

After suffering sinus infections annually for 20 years and using all sorts of natural remedies without relief, I was a little jaded when my friend came around to me and suggested I use a very high quality therapeutic grade essential oil.

But, because she was a good friend, I decided to trust her and I used this oil – it had strong antimicrobial, anti viral properties as well as strong immune boosting functions.

I gave it a go and within a couple of days my infection was completely obliterated.

It was so powerful that this experience compelled me to start learning more about these essential oils.

As I started researching them, I discovered that they have been extracted, applied and documented for thousands of years, going way back to biblical times.

I also discovered, that they didn’t just support us and help us on a physical level, but that they could support us on a mental level, emotional and spiritual level.

As I learned this I recognized very quickly that they could really augment the work that we do here at The Breath Of New Life.

During my research I also discovered that not all oils are created equal.

I discovered that they way in which the natural constituents of the oils were preserved in the extraction process was really impactful on the potency of the oil and the effectiveness of that oil, in achieving the results that we were looking for.

So, as you can imagine, we are very, very selective in the oils that we use here at The Breath Of New Life.

It became increasing clear to us that without question we could only use the highest therapeutic grade essential oils that we could find.

Using these oils intuitively in our sessions we clients we have seen these oils amplify and accent, magnify the results that people are experiencing, helping them to release trauma more easily, elevate their mood and even connect more deeply and easily to things like peace and joy.

We really love these oils and we love the work we do here at The Breath Of New Life. We love using them In-Person and we know that because they are available to purchase, those of you that work with us remotely can have access to using these oils as well, so that you too can see how these oils will deepen and can even speed up the results that you are looking for.

The Essentials Back Story

Founder, Dr. Mary O’Dwyer, Ph.D., shares the short important backstory and the science that led The Breath Of New Life to augment and enhance the work we do worldwide with the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Here is An Easy Way to Understand the Power of Essential Oils:

An easy way to understand how therapeutic-grade essential oils help us in the work we do emotionally, mentally and spiritually is with a metaphor.

Imagine you are working in your garden, pulling weeds and planting new seeds. This goes smoothly if the soil is soft and moist but proves challenging with dry hard soil, like I have in my garden.  When the soil is hard, adding water to loosen the soil works beautifully – it’s easier to pull weeds and their roots, and to plant your new seeds to grow.

Often we have behavioral patterns, ways of being, limiting beliefs that are outdated and familiar, and we are afraid to let them go. These are our weeds in the hard soil.

The use of specific therapeutic-grade essential oils can “loosen the soil” of our hearts and minds, allowing us to let go more easily (pull the weeds) and opening us to new and positive insights, ideas and ways of being (planting seeds).

Your Use of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils At Home 
At home, your use of therapeutic-grade essential oils in conjunction with your home practice of breathwork and spiritual development can accelerate and amplify your results.

You may consider starting with the following recommendations to experience first hand the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils in supporting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

To release trauma:
We recommend the Release Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blend.

To elevate mood:
We suggest Frankincense Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil.

To connect with peace:
We use Peace &  Calming II Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blend.

You may access the ordering site for the highest quality therapeutic-grade
essential oils and blends by CLICKing the following landing page LINK:

When you are on the landing page, type the name of the Therapeutic Grade Essential
Oil or Blend into the Search feature in the top right-hand corner.


“The Relief and Renewal Experience”
only at

A multi-modality spa-like experience which has as its foundation the relaxing, detoxing and renewing effects of the revered Raindrop Technique, optimized by the uplifting energy of Reiki and the emotional soothing effects of sound during the raindrop application of therapeutic-grade essential oils, all working together enhancing and elevating your personal relief and renewal.

The Raindrop Technique which utilizes the most effective application of therapeutic-grade essential oils was developed by Gary Young, founder of Young Living.
Young Living is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s premier sources of therapeutic-grade essential oils. In setting the highest achievable standards for sourcing, assessing, measuring, extraction, production and preservation of therapeutic- grade essential oils, Gary Young defined into his company’s purpose to set the world’s highest standards.

The Raindrop Technique is designed to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of your body at the cellular level. It boosts the immune system, brings the body into structural and electrical balance and enables the release of toxins and disease, wherever they may be lodged in your body. Remarkably, this includes toxins that are embedded in your mind and held in your emotions.
The therapeutic-grade essential oils used in The Raindrop Technique work on two (2) levels. They go directly to the limbic region of the brain when inhaled, the storage place for your emotions, and penetrate cellular membranes, going directly to the muscles, tissues and organs throughout your body, stimulating forgotten emotions.
Given our experience with the power of using therapeutic-grade essential oils in
conjunction with breathwork, we know that incorporating this technique and offering, “The Relief and Renewal Experience”, is a perfect complement to the work we do, Live and In-Person here.

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“The Relief and Renewal Experience”
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The Relief and Renewal Experience™
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The Relief and Renewal Experience™
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A unique & personal 1-hour multi-modality spa-like experience, available only at The Breath of New Life, that promotes relaxation, detoxification and renewal during the optimized raindrop application of therapeutic-grade essential oils, to enhance and elevate your personal relief and renewal.

Private 1-Hour Session

Scheduled by Personal Appointment

Session Cost: $125.00 US